Artist Bio

MichelleMichelle Andersen lives in southern Oregon, with her two children and their cat.

Michelle specializes in what she likes to call "Fantasy-Realism." While allowing her to work on her realism and portrait skills, it still leaves room for the imagination.
You may notice the fantasy gallery of her portfolio is the largest, as she's always loved fantasy art and stories.

Michelle has been doing website and logo design for over ten years, satisfying clients in northern California and southern Oregon with her creative skills. She has also done concept art for video games (none of which made it past the concept stage unfortunately) as well as character art and forum signature banners for players of role playing games.

Michelle is most comfortable working with graphite pencils, but has experience with more diverse materials. She has done some oil painting and sculpture and found these medias fun and rewarding, but says she prefers pencils. She says she prefers pencils not for the control they offer, but because "you don't have to wait for graphite to dry."

Along with being a full-time mother, website and logo designer, and freelance artist, Michelle is pursuing a Bachelors degree in Video Game Art and Design, and works part time as a writing/computer tutor at the local community college.

Other than creating art, such as can be seen here, Michelle spends what little free time she has doing other artistic things. She also enjoys writing (poetry, song lyrics, short stories, and sometimes longer ones "that could become novels if I ever get around to finishing them"). You can read some of her writings at her deviantArt gallery.

Another of Michelle's passions is performing in local theater productions, having portrayed principal characters in a number of shows at the Ross Ragland Theater and the Linkville Playhouse over the years. When not performing in theater, or with the local Choral group, the Klamath Chorale, she also loves to sing karaoke, and occasionally opens for bands and sings at weddings. She recently placed first in Klamath's Got Talent, and is the reining Kamath Idol. You can visit her youtube channel and experience her singing and acting for yourself.

Michelle also enjoys collecting and playing video games. She has been an avid gamer for much of her life and is very passionate about wanting to become a video game designer. Feeling the need for more females in the gaming industry, she is eager to help break the "girl gamer" stereotype.

Last updated 2015