*new*  -Kat - Storyboard Crops-
*new*  -Kat - Action Pose-
*new*  -Kat - Silhouette-
*new*  -Kat - Exploratory Drawings-
*new*  -Skeletal Ballerina-
Aquatic Friends
            Manipulation Assignment
            Turtle Rider
            Dragon Guardian
            Faery Mom & Child
            Elf Couple
            My Faerie Daughter
            Elf Astrologer
            Mermaid on the Rocks
            Rainbow Forest Fae (2)
            Rainbow Forest Fae
            Faerie on the Rocks
            Frog Kiss
            Faerie Flirt
            Imagination Reflection
            Sadies Fae
            Sleeping Faerie
            Nouveau Mermaid
            Elf Alicia
            Daisy Gazer
            Day Dreamer
            Confident Elf
            Mirror Mermaid
            Angel Girl
            Dancing Mermaid
            Looking Above
            Glancing Back
            Angel Amanda
            Stretching Winged Cats
            Spell Casting
            Winged Cat

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