School Assignments

*new*  Kat - Storyboard Crops
*new*  Pointe Shoes - Turnaround
*new*  Pointe Shoes - Exploratory

*new*  PS3 Controller
*new*  Kat - Final Action Pose
*new*  Kat - Silhouette
*new*  Kat - Exploratory Drawings
*new*  Nude Ballerina
*new*  Skeleton Ballerina
*new*  Torso Study
*new*  Tire Swing
*new*  My Superheroine

            Mark of a Hero - Character
            Aquatic Friends
            Mark of a Hero
                  - Storyboard Crop 2

            Mark of a Hero
                  - Storyboard Crop 1
            Smoking Object

            Star System
            Gesture Drawings
            Fantasy Landscape
            Mirror Self Portrait
            Manipulation Assignment
            Ballernia Painting
            Romance Painting
            Fruit Study
            Corner Study
            My Hand

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